Saturday, 23 March 2013

Round 3- Saenz

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Georgina had never been a brilliant student. She tried hard at school but her efforts were always in vain. She just couldn't get her grades up.

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Her brother Declan was far too busy with his own life to help her much. He had his eye on Louisa Mason and it seemed as if she was falling for his charms.

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After a date, a little flirting and karaoke, he decided to bite the bullet and asked if she wanted to be in a committed relationship. Declan put on a fake smile when Louisa told him she wasn't interested in being tied down so young.

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Behind closed doors was another story...

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Georgina turned thirteen and Declan decided it was time to forget about his own love life and keep an eye on his little sister...

Notes: So, i've only just realised that Elsa wasn't in this very short update at all. She's busy with work at the moment. I have no idea why Louisa rejected Declan to go steady. They both have a high relationship with each other and neither are romance sims fearing commitment so I haven't got a clue. Doesn't mean Declan will give up trying, I sense a lot of sobbing coming from him. Georgina rolled romance. That'll please her mum and brother! The houses are slowly coming together so you'll start noticing carpets and painted walls appearing in shots. The Henshaw house is furthest along, all the downstairs is minimally decorated how I want it and i'll slowly add homey touches as they earn money.


  1. Haha! Another Romance sim! They sure aren't making it easy for you out of the gate, are they?

    Poor Declan. Maybe Louisa really feels like she's just too young. I wish random things like that happened more. Sims always seem to just accept proposals/etc.

    1. I think my sims actually hate me. It'll make things interesting between Gary and Georgina though!

      Louisa rejecting Declan really was a 'wtf?!' moment. Then it changed to a hilarious moment when he said goodbye to her and went indoors to sob! He still likes her so will probably keep trying!