Monday, 27 January 2014

Summer 2003- Birthdays

Just a few 18th birthdays this time-  photo GeorginaSaenzTurns18.jpg
Georgina Saenz isn't heading off to college with her friends, she chose to stay behind to raise her daughter, Merida.

 photo LouisaMasonTurns18.jpg
Louisa Mason is glad to be out on her own away from her dad watching her every move. She's looking forward to spending time with boyfriend, Sean.

 photo SeanBrockmanTurns18.jpg
Sean Brockman has a lot to live up to after his sister, Ramona's fantastic grades during her college years. He's glad to be at college with girlfriend, Louisa, but hopes he can find the right balance between work and play!

 photo TinaWalkerTurns18.jpg
After believing that she wouldn't be able to attend college, Tina Walker is delighted to be here...

 photo RobertWoodTurns18.jpg
....She's even more delighted that new boyfriend, Robert Wood, is able to attend with her!

Notes: I'm not sure what to make of Robert yet. He looked okay as a teen (with the exception of the black lipstick!) but now he's a young adult, i'm not sure. Its the chunky face i'm not sure I like!

Spring 2002- Walker

 photo WalkerSummer2001.jpg

Max is 44 and Tina is 17.

Narrated by Max.

 photo Spring2002Walker.jpg

 photo Spring2002Walker-2.jpg
Things are going really well with the store. Several of the customers nominated us for a business reward which we got!

 photo Spring2002Walker-3.jpg

 photo Spring2002Walker-5.jpg I told Tina the good news and that I was putting $8,000 in her bank account for her college tuition- and college tuition only. After already assuming that she wouldn't be able to go because we couldn't afford it, she was delighted and started putting a lot more effort into her school work.

 photo Spring2002Walker-9.jpg

 photo Spring2002Walker-11.jpg
She's started seeing some boy, Robert, I think his name is. I'm not sure I like the look of him. Dressed all in black and what's with the black lipstick?! I suppose he atleast had the decency to take her on a date, and pay for their meal.

 photo Spring2002Walker-12.jpg
I can't stop them from doing anything, I just hope they're sensible about things. Tina is a smart girl, i'd hate for her to miss out on college and a good career just because of a careless accident.

 photo Spring2002Walker-outtake.jpg
After seeing what Georgina has been through, I thought it might put Tina off ever having kids but she told me that she wants to be a mum, and sooner rather than later. She has reassured me that she wants to get through college first and find a job before starting a family, I just hope she sticks to her word!

 photo Spring2002Walker-15.jpg
Despite her best efforts, she didn't do as well in her final year of school as she had hoped. She still passed though and is excited to be heading off to college with best friends Louisa and Sean.

 photo Spring2002Walker-16.jpg
Meanwhile, it's still all go on the farm. There's twice as much work now, with only one pair of hands. I'm looking forward to Joanne graduating and returning home!

Notes: I'm not even sure when Tina met Robert but they seem to really, really like each other so i'll leave them be. Tina is ready to settle down already but will be completing college and getting a job before I let her start a family- I so do not want any babies in college!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Winter 2002- Saenz

 photo Winter2002.jpg

Elsa is 44, Georgina is 17 and Merida is 2.

Narrated by Georgina.

 photo Winter2002-2.jpg

 photo Winter2002-3.jpg Life with a 2-year-old is tough. Merida wants constant attention, even in the middle of the night, which leaves me with no time to myself.

 photo Winter2002-4.jpg
I guess its taking its toll. I was attempting to cook dinner but must have fallen asleep because I woke up to the kitchen in flames...

 photo Winter2002-7.jpg

 photo Winter2002-5.jpg
There are occasions when I can distract my daughter with toys and get a tiny bit of school work done. I don't think i'll be heading off to college. I feel I am missing out but Merida needs me more.

 photo Winter2002-6.jpg

 photo Winter2002-13.jpg Mum is more than happy to help whenever she isn't at work and even said she would look after Merida while I was at college but she's my baby so I want to be the one to look after her. Four years is a long time to leave her, she would be in school by the time I graduated.

 photo Winter2002-8.jpg
So far i've taught her everything she needs to know. She's out of nappies during the day and she can walk and talk. I must be doing something right!

 photo Winter2002-9.jpg
Mum tried to talk me into changing my mind about going to college but i'm standing by my decision.

 photo Winter2002-10.jpg

 photo Winter2002-11.jpg
Gary will be graduating next year so Merida and I will be moving in with him.

 photo Winter2002-14.jpg
I'll miss seeing mum all the time but at least she won't be far away. Declan is graduating at the same time as Gary and is moving back home so mum won't be on her own in the house. I'm looking forward to Gary, Merida and I being a proper family.

Notes: Not flowing quite as well as I had planned but what do I expect when this household was played before Christmas?! I'm about to start playing Ramona's update so i've got a bit of catching up to do with blogging which i'll hopefully have rolled out over the next week or so.

After spending a while deciding whether to send Georgina to college or not, I unlocked her want to go and it rolled away so I took that as I sign that she wanted to stay with Merida. Gary is back home and i've moved Georgina and Merida in with him.