Saturday, 9 March 2013

Round 2- Walker

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With Tina now old enough to help with the farm, Max was sure it would be easy sailing from now on.

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He hadn't bargained on the bathroom ending up flooded though. Or the computer blowing up. Atleast he could fix the plumbing himself, he didn't dare attempt to touch the computer...

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Running a farm and raising two young daughters was exhausting and Max found himself going to bed and getting up at odd times.

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He also found himself with very little time to eat and often resorted to instant meals as a quick energy boost. He only really prepared meals for Joanne and Tina.

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Max had realized that he had been neglecting his daughters recently so took time every so often to sit down and have a family meal. Sure, there were crops that needed tending but family was more important.

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Joanne and Tina were a great help around the farm and could quite often be found finishing the work that Max had started but had ended up dropping to go and complete another job.

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They were growing up fast, Joanne in particular. Her thirteenth birthday was approaching fast. Max was cherishing every moment of her childhood. She would always be his baby.

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Joanne was still close to her sister. Joanne loved helping her dad on the farm. Tina helped only because she could see her father struggling. She would rather spend her spare time tossing a football around and Joanne often joined her just so they could spend a bit of time together.

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The shop was doing slightly better but was still not making enough money for Max to pay off the loan he had taken out when they first moved to Autumn Shore. He wondered if they would ever be out of debt and even thought about taking a 'proper' full time job to tide them over until the business really took off. How would he have time to work and run a farm? The girls had to concentrate on their education, not to mention the fact that it was too much responsibility for them at such a young age. Joanne was almost old enough to help out in the shop but would it be enough?

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Joanne turned thirteen. She knew the farm would come to her after her father passed away and she decided before then she wanted business to be booming. She also had an interest in medicine and wanted to follow that career path in addition to running the farm. To put it bluntly, Joanne wanted to make as much money as she possibly could.

Notes: This house is crazy. I think I was too ambitious with the tomato plants, planted way too many so my poor sims were spending ages tending to them. I've planted a few of each plant now and they seem to be a little more manageable. Joanne rolled fortune which sort of fits, means I can then say she wants the farm to be making a fortune instead of the abomination it is at the moment...


  1. I laughed at the family dinner, because there's the dad in his 'tighty-whities' with his two young girls, lol! It reminded me of the show, Malcolm in the Middle. The dad was always in his underwear.

    Joanne seems like she's quite responsible and now that she's a teen, I think she'll be an even bigger help to her dad! Hopefully between the two of them, they can manage a bit better.

    1. 'Tighty-whities' love it :D I'm really lazy when it comes to what my sims wear. I can never be bothered to send them to get dressed or even spawn the wardrobe adjuster so they just wear whatever! Joanne and Tina don't seem to care so I think like Malcolm in the Middle, Max being in his undercrackers is a regular thing!

      Joanne is one of my favourite sims. Her nature personality just fits the farm perfectly!