Monday, 27 May 2013

Round 4- Brockman

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With Ramona and Sean basically adults, Donna found herself spending a lot of time with the cats. She loved her children but she was glad they weren't tiny babies constantly needing attention anymore.

 photo BrockmanRound4-5.jpg
The Brockman's turned out to be the second family to be burgled in Autumn Shore. Luckily the police arrived in time and nothing was lost.

 photo BrockmanRound4-3.jpg
Sean was living his own life. He had gotten together with Lousia Mason...

 photo BrockmanRound4-6.jpg
...That didn't stop him trying his luck with Georgina Saenz though.

Notes: It's taken me ages to get this update posted and then it turned out to be the tiniest update ever. Even with Sean jumping between Louisa and Georgina, this family is so peaceful to play after the bombsite known as 'The Henshaw House'. Turns out Louisa kept turning Declan down because she wanted to be with Sean so he'd better watch his step or I think Declan might try to knock some sense into him.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Round 4- Henshaw

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Michael had been thinking about retiring for a while now. He enjoyed his job but he was old. He wanted to focus him attention on his son and grandchildren.

 photo HenshawRound4-4.jpg
With Michael now retired, Marie felt she could get back into working on her next promotion.

 photo HenshawRound4-5.jpg
Until one of the kids needed her minutes later!

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Elise was thrilled to find out she was pregnant again. Sure, they had a full house and life was hectic but she was a natural mum.

 photo HenshawRound4-9.jpg
It wasn't long before Xavier joined the triplets in toddler hood.

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Marie tried to cope with the triplets as best she could. She was greatful for Michael and Elise helping out but she wanted to prove that she could be a mum and have a successful career at the same time.

 photo HenshawRound4-11.jpg
Autumn's allergies didn't help...

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Elise went into labour late one night and gave birth to a healthy baby girl- Lauren.

 photo HenshawRound4-17.jpg
Marie watched Josh hugging Xavier and was grateful that her three were almost old enough to start school. She would miss sweet moments like this though!

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Almost as quickly as they had arrived, Autumn, Dion and Josh were five and were ready to start kindergarten. Maybe life would be a little less hectic for Marie!

 photo HenshawRound4-14.jpg
Christopher appears to be gutted about dying. Or maybe it was because his tombstone was struck by lightning? This was at about 16:40 sim time. I thought it was some sort of awesome bug at first since I didn't think ghosts appeared before dark then a quick google search told me they can appear if their tombstone is struck by lightning. Well, there was a thunder storm and then Christopher turned up so that explains it!

Notes: Crazy round! It's taken me forever to play this family, the problem being mainly triplet related! As sweet as they were (especially the autonomous hug between Josh and Xavier!) I am so glad they're now kids. Xavier has 1 day left as a toddler and then it's onto big-kid-dom for him too so next round should be easier with basically just Lauren as a toddler. Speaking of Lauren, she was my last attempt to getting the Henshaw grey eyes but nope, she got Elise's eyes. Bugger. No more kiddies for this family until all the current kiddies are grown. I'm surprised Michael still appears to be going strong, I expected him to follow in Christopher's footsteps this round. The grim reaper must sense that Michael is still needed in the land of the living! Has anyone figured out who the triplet's father is?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Round 4- Saenz

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Declan and Louisa were still very close, albeit not as close as Declan would like. He just couldn't understand why Louisa was happy with their casual relationship. Wasn't it better to be in a committed relationship rather than have some sort of casual fling? For the time being, friends with benefits was better than nothing.

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Declan had always been interested in science so turned to the telescope to try and take his mind off Louisa. It didn't always work...

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If only Georgina would turn to her hobbies. Declan wasn't thrilled that his friend was dating his little sister but it could be a lot worse. Atleast with Gary, Declan was sure he wouldn't hurt Georgina. Not on purpose anyway!

 photo SaenzRound4-9.jpg
Elsa was aware of her daughter's activities and attempted to talk some sense into her.

 photo SaenzRound4-11.jpg
Georgina wasn't interested. She was a straight A student, what did it matter what she did as long as she kept up her good grades?

 photo SaenzRound4-12.jpg
Elsa could only hope that Georgina would make the right choices in life.

 photo SaenzRound4-10.jpg
Declan got talking to Tina Walker and they became instant friends. Maybe now he'll stop setting himself up for heartbreak with Louisa...

Notes: Georgina really doesn't care, she's too loved up with Gary. Declan and Tina had instant chemistry so he may end up lusting after Tina instead of Louisa!