Sunday, 3 March 2013

Round 2- Saenz

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Georgina had desperately wanted a train set but the family couldn't afford one. Elsa bought her a remote controlled car instead. Georgina decided this was just as good and spent every moment of her spare time racing it around the house.

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Elsa had always been more family oriented rather than focusing on her career. She wished she had more time to spend with Declan and Georgina but most of her free time was taken up with working on her next promotion. The higher she got in her career, the more money she made.

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Elsa made sure not to ignore her children completely though.

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It helped a lot that they were both old enough to entertain themselves for a while. Elsa wasn't sure what to make of Gary Mason calling Georgina out of the blue though. Gary was the same age as Declan, 4 years older than Georgina...

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Joanne Walker was a much better friend for her daughter in Elsa's opinion. True, she was also 4 years older than Georgina but atleast she was a girl...

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Declan soon turned 13 and a weight was lifted from Elsa's shoulders. Declan would be able to keep an eye on Georgina... and her friends...

Notes: Absolutely nothing entertaining happened. At all. The most exciting thing that happened here was a teenage Gary phoning a 7-year-old Georgina... Declan rolled fortune. It would have worked out better if he had rolled family with the whole 'keeping an eye on his sister' but at least its not romance!


  1. Ha! Better keep an eye on Gary. Maybe he thinks Georgina is going to be a hottie when she's a teen?

    Fortune sims were always my favorite. My husband used to say that it said a lot about me. I prefer to see it as like-mindedness. :P

    1. Luckily for Gary, Elsa is busy with work and Declan is busy with his own love life! I doubt Declan would be impressed with his friend hitting on his little sister...

      Family sims have always been my favourite but I have to admit I don't mind fortune sims.