Friday, 1 March 2013

Round 1- Brockman

 photo BrockmanRound1.jpg

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Donna Brockman moves herself and her two children, Ramona and Sean to Autumn Shore.

 photo BrockmanRound1-5.jpg
The first thing Donna had to do was look for a job. It meant leaving Sean in the care of a nanny but the family needed an income somehow. All the houses in Autumn Shore were newly built but they had been so cheap due to being 'incomplete'. It was up to the new home owners to complete the decorating.

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Luckily, Donna didn't start her new job for a few days so she was able to spend as much time with Ramona and Sean as possible.

 photo BrockmanRound1-9.jpg
Donna started work as a dish washer. It didn't pay much but it was atleast something towards the bills.

 photo BrockmanRound1-10.jpg
Ramona had settled in to Autumn Shore High School and brought home an A+ report card. Donna couldn't have been more proud of her daughter.

 photo BrockmanRound1-11.jpg
It wasn't long before Sean was old enough to attend school. He was starting Kindergarten at Autumn Shore Primary the following morning.

Notes: Nothing much happened this round. I'm behind with blog posts, i'm about to play round 2 for this family which will hopefully be a lot more exciting! I've also just realised that i'm yet to send any of my sims to Autumn Shore Playground after it being the only lot (with the exception of the founding houses) that I build myself!


  1. I was so bad about sending sims to community lots for the majority of my TS2 time. It wasn't until I did Boreal Springs that I really started adventuring beyond the bounds of the house and tried to make it seem more 'alive.' I will say, that is ONE thing I do enjoy about TS3 VS TS2... you're almost forced to leave the confines of your home lot!

    Donna is very pretty. It will be fun to see this family's genetics merge with the others. :)

    1. I am still terrible at sending sims to community lots. I'm trying to stick to wants and all my sims seem to be miserable hermits who almost never roll up wants to go anywhere!