Sunday, 20 October 2013

Spring 2000- Birth Announcement

 photo Spring2000-1.jpg
Introducing Merida Saenz, daughter of Gary Mason and Georgina Saenz!

Notes: Um, yeah, that's basically all I have to say here. I think some bloggers play the family for a short while if there's a baby due, I decided I won't do that and i'll just use insim to skip ahead trimesters/labour when required. Birthday updates will always be in summer unless a baby is turning 1 (which will then be exactly a year after the baby is born- in Merida's case there will be a birthday update for her in spring 2001). There will only be a birthday update if a sim is aging up to the next life stage. I think birthday updates will be short, sweet and straight to the point too unless I feel I have more to say.

Winter 2000- Henshaw

 photo HenshawWinter2000.jpg

Marie is 42, Elise is 35, Autumn, Dion and Josh are 9, Xavier is 8, Lauren is 3.

Narrated by Elise.

 photo HenshawWinter2000-1.jpg
With 5 kids under the age of 10, life is hectic in our house. We try and make sure to sit down for dinner each night as family.

 photo HenshawWinter2000-3.jpg

 photo HenshawWinter2000-4.jpg
The triplets and Xavier are happy to entertain themselves most of the time. They don't even need any prompting to complete their homework each night.

 photo HenshawWinter2000-5.jpg
There's strange things happening around the house. Objects moving without being touched and noises. Marie and I both swear we've seen Michael and Christopher wandering around...

 photo HenshawWinter2000-7.jpg
Winter brought snow and the kids were delighted!

 photo HenshawWinter2000-8.jpg
However, it did mean they needed more prompting with their homework!

 photo HenshawWinter2000-9.jpg
They're all growing fast, Lauren in particular. It won't be long before she joins the others at school.

Notes: This house is hectic. Most of the gameplay is spent just trying to keep everyone's needs out of the red! Michael and Christopher both floated around, scaring Marie and Elise and just making a pest of themselves, have to admit, I love the ghosts! Lauren will be a child next round and it'll be the triplets last round as kids.

The Megahood!

I've been working on this for a while but i've finally got it up and running properly and the first few updates up. I had planned to play all of the maxis sims but there was about 50 families in total so i've decided to just stick to the 3 base game hoods. I think they have the most interesting back stories.

I'm behind with updates on both the megahood and here. I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago and since then first trimester tiredness has hit. It now takes me a couple of days or more to play through each update so I think Sunday will be my day to catch up with blog posts. Check out the megahood here!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumn 2000- Uni

 photo Autumn2000.jpg

Gary Mason, Declan Saenz and Joanne Walker are 18.

Narrated by Declan.

 photo Autumn2000-3.jpg
I know I was supposed to be with Tina but since starting uni there's a spark between Joanne and I that I never noticed before. I care about Tina but with Joanne there's something more than what I feel with Tina.

 photo Autumn2000-4.jpg
I attempted to distract myself by teaching Gary how to play chess. He wasn't too happy that he lost. I'm hoping a logical game of chess will be enough to kick him into studying and getting a well paid job since he'll have a baby to support soon. I still can't get over the fact he got my little sister pregnant. Atleast he appears to be supporting her the best he can.

 photo Autumn2000-5.jpg

 photo Autumn2000-6.jpg
Joanne has been cracking on with studying too. She's studying a mathematics degree while myself and Gary haven't decided on a specific degree.

 photo Autumn2000-10.jpg
Joanne and I took our relationship to the next level.

 photo Autumn2000-12.jpg
Gary often visits Georgina and occasionally she visits him. They seem to be coping with the situation they got themselves in reasonably well so far. I'm not sure how they'll cope with school, uni and a baby though.

 photo Autumn2000-13.jpg

 photo Autumn2000-14.jpg

 photo Autumn2000-15.jpg
After getting through the first half of our freshman year we decided to head down to the campus bar to celebrate.

 photo Autumn2000-17.jpg
I called Tina and tried to explain that we worked better as friends but it quickly turned into an argument and ended with me telling her to just leave. I still care about her and want us to still be friends but she needs to understand that we can't control who we fall for. I'm sure within time she'll see why we can't be anything more than friends, for now, she's furious with me.

Ending grades at end of freshman year:

Gary: C (2.1 GPO)
Declan: A+ (4.0 GPO)
Joanne: B (3.4 GPO)

Notes: Declan and Joanne made out autonomously as soon as I moved them into the dorms. They also got frisky on the sofa which did have the same outcome as Georgina but I thought it was very unrealistic to have two young mums in a very small neighbourhood so Joanne took the morning after pill and has swifly been placed on birth control! Declan and Joanne both get uni related wants but so far Gary has only had the want to go to class a couple of times. Since i'm trying to stick to wants, I don't want to force him to do assignments, write term papers ect so his grade is a little lower than Declan and Joanne's.