Saturday, 27 April 2013

Round 4- Mason

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Louisa finally convinced her friend Joanne to sneak out in the early hours of the morning with her. It was a Friday night, it wasn't as if they had to be up early for school the next morning, they weren't doing anything wrong in her opinion.

 photo MasonRound4-3.jpg
Unfortunatly for Louisa and Joanne, the police officer didn't believe they were eighteen and took them home with a warning that next time he wouldn't go so easy on them.

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Georgina Saenz was now a teenager and had fallen for Gary's charm. They liked each other but it was nothing serious.

 photo MasonRound4-6.jpg
Louisa was very close to Georgina's older brother, Declan. After her run in with the law, Louisa decided she was just too young for any of these things and went back to practicing her dancing.

 photo MasonRound4-7.jpg
She just wished that she was just as good of a student as she was a dancer!

 photo MasonRound4-8.jpg
Things progressed quickly between Gary and Georgina. He wanted to be faithful to her, if he could or not was another story...

 photo MasonRound4-9.jpg
As for the dogs, well, they just missed Allie.

Notes: Things between Gary and Georgina hotted up quite quickly! They both have the negative memory for going steady but Gary fears breaking up, Romance sims can be so strange... No Jonny in this update. He was working on his next promotion. Nope, he still hasn't got it. He did make a new friend and I did take a picture but it's vanished. She may appear in the next update! I've caught both Sooty and Jess sitting on Allie's bed, they've never bothered with any of the other beds!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Round 3- University

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Allie and Ramona arrive at university. After filling in the appropriate registration documents they both decided there was no harm in getting a head start with their studies.

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Ramona was shy and found it hard to make friends. It all seemed to come naturally to Allie. When she did pluck up the courage to talk to someone new, she often came across as a bit of an oddball. Ramona wasn't really bothered. She was happy to keep to herself.

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 photo UniRound3-10.jpg
Allie was quick to make a new 'interesting' friend. Ramona wasn't sure exactly what her friend was getting herself into. Allie wouldn't do anything stupid, would she?

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 photo UniRound3-12.jpg
Shrugging off the niggling feeling that Allie was biting off more than she could chew, Ramona carried on with her studies. Unfortunately, she was interrupted yet again by the annoying cow mascot. Dorms were a nightmare...

 photo UniRound3-13.jpg
Allie on the other hand, didn't mind the dorms. She could pull pranks whilst the cook pretended not to notice her...

 photo UniRound3-14.jpg

 photo UniRound3-15.jpg
Allie's new friend passed on a few objects and 'magical abilities' to Allie. It would take some studying and Allie couldn't wait for university to be over so she could get to work.

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In the mean time, Allie decided to drag her hermit of a friend out. They didn't get as much time as they would have liked to hang out since they were studying different degrees and having classes at different times so Allie really didn't want to spend what little time they had discussing uni work. It was a good night and one they agreed to do again.

 photo UniRound3-21.jpg
Their first two years of university had passed by in a blur but had been two of the best years of their lives. Who knew what their final years of uni held...

Notes: When I first moved the Mason's in, the first thing Allie did was strike up a conversation about the paranormal and I decided she would make a perfect witch. Her witchy ways will hopefully kick off properly after uni is finished. Ramona really doesn't care about socializing!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Round 3- Walker

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Max really wasn't sure what to do anymore. They were up to their eyes in debt and he questioned if he would live to see the day the farmhouse was complete. He never made enough at the store to really help matters.

 photo WalkerRound3-3.jpg
Joanne and Tina did their best but they still had to attend school. Then they would be off to university and Max would be left to deal with things on his own again.

 photo WalkerRound3-4.jpg
Things only got worse when winter hit and brought the bad weather with it. Max walked into the store one morning to find half the counter top and floor covered in snow. The roof was another thing that was added to the list of things to be repaired!

 photo WalkerRound3-5.jpg
Max decided his only option was to sell the store, use what money he got to pay off some of the debt and get a full time job. Maybe Joanne could run a store from home part time whilst he worked?

 photo WalkerRound3-7.jpg
Tina celebrated her thirteenth birthday and lost all interest in helping with the farm. Max was stunned that Joanne was so down to earth but Tina was wild. They were like chalk and cheese. He was glad that Joanne was very mature for her age and was able to handle the farm as Max had his hands full trying to keep Tina under control...

Notes: The farm really is an abomination. I used Round Barn General Store for Max's store and then it snowed indoors so there's obviously something wrong with the round roof. I had Max sell it and pay off some of the loan and despite my lack of building skills, i'll be building him his own little store. I did do a quick test with a home business but then the randomers were fishing in Max's pond and it bugged my happiness so community lot business it is! I'm not sure if Max will be getting a full time job or not, I suppose i'll see after i've built his store. If he does get a job then it'll be up to Joanne and Tina to run the store between them. Should be interesting, especially since Tina rolled Romance and doesn't care much about the farm!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Round 3- Brockman

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 photo BrockmanRound3-2.jpg
Sean had been asking Donna for a pet for a while and with his thirteenth birthday rapidly approaching, Donna decided a trip to the pet shop was in order.

 photo BrockmanRound3-3.jpg
There were plenty of pets to choose from. Sean was particularly fond of the womrats.

 photo BrockmanRound3-4.jpg
Donna and Sean both agreed that a cat was best suited to their family. Sean had a hard time picking out his new pet and in the end they came away with two cats- Simba and Nahla.

 photo BrockmanRound3-5.jpg
Nahla settled in quickly. Simba on the other hand, got into a fight with a stray on his first night with his new family...

 photo BrockmanRound3-6.jpg
Sean turned thirteen and decided that all work and no play would make him very dull. He couldn't understand why Ramona was working so hard at university when there was a heap of more exciting activities she could be doing. Although he wanted to go to university, Sean was going to make sure he wouldn't be spending his entire college years with his head in a book!

Notes: It's taken me forever to post this update! Been very busy over the past few weeks so haven't had as much time to play as I would have liked. With things in everyday life now a little less hectic, i'll hopefully have the Walker update posted tomorrow. I'm also almost halfway through the uni round so will have that update up soon and then it's on to round 4! As for this update, nothing happened whatsoever! Cats names, guess the movie ;)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Round 3- Henshaw

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Christopher knew his time was coming to an end. It really didn't bother him that he had never married or started a family of his own. He was happy to spend his time at his telescope.

 photo HenshawRound3-3.jpg
Elise was thrilled to find out she was pregnant. She wasn't sure how to tell Michael though. He was a lot older than she was and had already raised his daughter, what if he didn't want to go through raising another child?

 photo HenshawRound3-4.jpg

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Marie went into labour late one night and surprised everyone with triplets- Autumn, Dion and Josh.

 photo HenshawRound3-8.jpg

 photo HenshawRound3-9.jpg
Raising one baby is tough but raising three is a nightmare. Marie was greatful to have Michael around to help with the triplets.

 photo HenshawRound3-10.jpg
Elise watched how good Michael was with his grandchildren and plucked up the courage to tell Michael about their own baby. He was overjoyed and Elise asked herself why she had been hiding her bump under jumpers and coats for so long.

 photo HenshawRound3-11.jpg

 photo HenshawRound3-13.jpg

 photo HenshawRound3-12.jpg
Marie loved her kids but sometimes it all got too much for her. She wasn't planning on having three children. She wasn't even planning on having one until her father started nagging her about an heir. And now he was having his own heir. It all seemed a mess.

 photo HenshawRound3-15.jpg
Elise gave birth to a little boy whom they named Xavier.

 photo HenshawRound3-16.jpg
Michael was delighted to have a son. It took the pressure off Marie. Xavier would inherit the house when Michael and Elise were gone.

 photo HenshawRound3-17.jpg

 photo HenshawRound3-18.jpg

 photo HenshawRound3-19.jpg
The triplets celebrated their first birthday and were even more of a handful than before!

 photo HenshawRound3-20.jpg
Along with the joy of births, there was also death. Christopher's time was up.

Notes: Marie was NOT supposed to have 3 kids. Damn triplets and quads hack. May I also point out that not one of them (and that includes Xavier) has the Henshaw grey eyes. Christopher :( My first generation 1 sim to die. And the grim reaper swept in as the triplets were aging up so chaos broke out... Michael will most likely go next round.