Saturday, 23 March 2013

Round 3- Saenz

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Georgina had never been a brilliant student. She tried hard at school but her efforts were always in vain. She just couldn't get her grades up.

 photo SaenzRound3-3.jpg
Her brother Declan was far too busy with his own life to help her much. He had his eye on Louisa Mason and it seemed as if she was falling for his charms.

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 photo SaenzRound3-5.jpg
After a date, a little flirting and karaoke, he decided to bite the bullet and asked if she wanted to be in a committed relationship. Declan put on a fake smile when Louisa told him she wasn't interested in being tied down so young.

 photo SaenzRound3-6.jpg
Behind closed doors was another story...

 photo SaenzRound3-7.jpg
Georgina turned thirteen and Declan decided it was time to forget about his own love life and keep an eye on his little sister...

Notes: So, i've only just realised that Elsa wasn't in this very short update at all. She's busy with work at the moment. I have no idea why Louisa rejected Declan to go steady. They both have a high relationship with each other and neither are romance sims fearing commitment so I haven't got a clue. Doesn't mean Declan will give up trying, I sense a lot of sobbing coming from him. Georgina rolled romance. That'll please her mum and brother! The houses are slowly coming together so you'll start noticing carpets and painted walls appearing in shots. The Henshaw house is furthest along, all the downstairs is minimally decorated how I want it and i'll slowly add homey touches as they earn money.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Round 3- Mason

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Louisa may have been growing up fast but she was still a daddy's girl at heart and always would be.

 photo MasonRound3-3.jpg
When he wasn't being tailed by Louisa, Jonny spent a lot of his free time taking care of the dogs. It wasn't like Jess to get THAT stinky!

 photo MasonRound3-4.jpg
Gary finally started bringing friends around. Jonny was surprised to find out that it was Joanne Walker that Gary brought round. Surely his son's hormones hadn't kicked in already?

 photo MasonRound3-5.jpg
Unfortunately for Allie, hers had. She woke up one morning with a serious breakout...

 photo MasonRound3-6.jpg

 photo MasonRound3-9.jpg
Jonny was working hard to support his family and found himself with promotion after promotion.

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 photo MasonRound3-8.jpg
It was never enough though as everything in the house seemed to break one after the other.

 photo MasonRound3-12.jpg
Allie logged on to her emails to find she had been accepted into the nearest university. She would miss her family but this was an opportunity she couldn't miss.

 photo MasonRound3-11.jpg
Louisa celebrated her 13th birthday the day before Allie left for university.

Notes: I've had these pictures sitting ready to be uploaded to photobucket for days and i've only just had time to get this update done. I've been working on my megahood which I will hopefully get a blog up and running for over the weekend. I haven't sent Allie to university yet, going to send her and Ramona at the same time so we'll see them both at the end of this round.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Round 2- Walker

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 photo WalkerRound2-2.jpg
With Tina now old enough to help with the farm, Max was sure it would be easy sailing from now on.

 photo WalkerRound2-3.jpg
He hadn't bargained on the bathroom ending up flooded though. Or the computer blowing up. Atleast he could fix the plumbing himself, he didn't dare attempt to touch the computer...

 photo WalkerRound2-4.jpg
Running a farm and raising two young daughters was exhausting and Max found himself going to bed and getting up at odd times.

 photo WalkerRound2-5.jpg
He also found himself with very little time to eat and often resorted to instant meals as a quick energy boost. He only really prepared meals for Joanne and Tina.

 photo WalkerRound2-6.jpg
Max had realized that he had been neglecting his daughters recently so took time every so often to sit down and have a family meal. Sure, there were crops that needed tending but family was more important.

 photo WalkerRound2-7.jpg

 photo WalkerRound2-8.jpg
Joanne and Tina were a great help around the farm and could quite often be found finishing the work that Max had started but had ended up dropping to go and complete another job.

 photo WalkerRound2-9.jpg
They were growing up fast, Joanne in particular. Her thirteenth birthday was approaching fast. Max was cherishing every moment of her childhood. She would always be his baby.

 photo WalkerRound2-10.jpg
Joanne was still close to her sister. Joanne loved helping her dad on the farm. Tina helped only because she could see her father struggling. She would rather spend her spare time tossing a football around and Joanne often joined her just so they could spend a bit of time together.

 photo WalkerRound2-11.jpg

 photo WalkerRound2-12.jpg
The shop was doing slightly better but was still not making enough money for Max to pay off the loan he had taken out when they first moved to Autumn Shore. He wondered if they would ever be out of debt and even thought about taking a 'proper' full time job to tide them over until the business really took off. How would he have time to work and run a farm? The girls had to concentrate on their education, not to mention the fact that it was too much responsibility for them at such a young age. Joanne was almost old enough to help out in the shop but would it be enough?

 photo WalkerRound2-13.jpg
Joanne turned thirteen. She knew the farm would come to her after her father passed away and she decided before then she wanted business to be booming. She also had an interest in medicine and wanted to follow that career path in addition to running the farm. To put it bluntly, Joanne wanted to make as much money as she possibly could.

Notes: This house is crazy. I think I was too ambitious with the tomato plants, planted way too many so my poor sims were spending ages tending to them. I've planted a few of each plant now and they seem to be a little more manageable. Joanne rolled fortune which sort of fits, means I can then say she wants the farm to be making a fortune instead of the abomination it is at the moment...

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Round 2- Brockman

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 photo BrockmanRound2-2.jpg
The weekend was not off to a good start for Donna. Sean had blocked the toilet and she spent the best part of two hours unclogging it.

 photo BrockmanRound2-3.jpg

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Whilst Donna unclogged the toilet, Ramona took Sean to the playground. She decided it was best if they stayed out of the way for a while...

 photo BrockmanRound2-8.jpg
Ramona and Sean got along well but they never missed an opportunity to torment each other.

 photo BrockmanRound2-10.jpg

 photo BrockmanRound2-11.jpg
Donna heard about a new ice rink which had just been built so she headed downtown to check it out. She hadn't skated since she was Ramona's age but it soon came back to her and she was skating as if she were fifteen again.

 photo BrockmanRound2-12.jpg
With the kids at school, Donna continued reliving her youth.

 photo BrockmanRound2-13.jpg
With the family funds so low and the house not even close to being finished, Ramona took a job as a playground monitor. It didn't pay much but it was a small addition to the funds and a foot in the door of the career in education that she wished to follow after college.

Notes: Ramona's lifetime want is to reach the top of the education career track so I had her get a job as a playground monitor. She was promoted to teacher's aide just as this round ended. This was the first time I sent my sims to the playground. I had tried to get Allie and Louisa Mason to join them but I couldn't figure out how! I tried just sending Ramona and Sean to the playground then using the summoner for Allie and Louisa which worked until they buggered off minutes later... It took me a while to play this round because I was working on a megahood, which i'm now debating whether to blog or not.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Round 2- Henshaw

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 photo HenshawRound2-2.jpg
The day didn't start well for Michael after he burnt the families breakfast. What had happened to his culinary talents? He had a pretty good idea...

 photo HenshawRound2-3.jpg
Elise Lawson. Despite the huge age gap, he couldn't get her out of his head.

 photo HenshawRound2-4.jpg
Christopher could have cared less, he was too busy with his career and hobby.

 photo HenshawRound2-5.jpg

 photo HenshawRound2-6.jpg

 photo HenshawRound2-7.jpg
Marie was doing well with her career and was rapidly approaching her goal of becoming general. Michael tried to have a chat to his daughter about her responsibilities as heir but Marie wasn't interested.

 photo HenshawRound2-8.jpg

 photo HenshawRound2-9.jpg
If only to get her father off her case, Marie met up with a number of bachelors, none caught her eye...

 photo HenshawRound2-10.jpg
Marie wasn't too concerned about finding a husband. She didn't need one. She had come across an ad in the newspaper about a 'medical trial'. There was no guarantee that it would work but Marie decided it was worth a try and headed off for her appointment at the clinic.

 photo HenshawRound2-11.jpg
Not long after her appointment, Marie woke and felt nauseous. Surely the 'trial' hadn't worked?

 photo HenshawRound2-12.jpg
The 'trial' had been a success and soon Marie was forced to take maternity leave. She wasn't too happy about her situation. Michael, however, was over the moon.

 photo HenshawRound2-13.jpg
Fed up with being stuck home all day, Marie bought a train set to pass the day.

 photo HenshawRound2-14.jpg
Michael was living his own life. He had quickly made friends with his co-worker, Elise and their friendship had blossomed into something more.

 photo HenshawRound2-15.jpg

 photo HenshawRound2-16.jpg
One thing led to another... Elise moved in shortly after.

Notes: This round started out majorly boring to the point when I didn't bother playing for a few days. I attempted to pair Marie off with Jonny (with no intention of things ever getting serious for them, I just needed an heir from Marie!) but he hated her. I tried again with Max. But he hated her too. Not that Marie cared... I decided to just use insim to impregnate her. I will however keep the father's identity a secret for now! I hadn't bargained on Michael and Elise getting together. They got frisky after I figured out that they could have an heir instead of Marie...