Sunday, 3 March 2013

Round 2- Mason

 photo MasonRound2.jpg

 photo MasonRound2-2.jpg
Jonny was woken in the early hours of the morning by a burglar. Doing the fatherly thing and protecting his children he hid in the bathroom until the police arrived...

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The police were quick to arrive and arrest the burglar and the family received a small amount of cash to compensate for their loss of goods.

 photo MasonRound2-4.jpg
Sadly, it wasn't enough to replace Louisa's ballet bar.

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Jonny decided the best thing to do was to try and put the incident behind them. Gary was quick to accept the challenge and went back to taunting his little sister and calling her a baby...

 photo MasonRound2-6.jpg
Thanks to the late night disturbance, Jonny ended up sleeping in and missing the carpool. A walk to work it was...

 photo MasonRound2-7.jpg
Louisa tried to forget her missing ballet bar and focused her attention on the dogs.

 photo MasonRound2-8.jpg
Allie quite often stayed up late to look at the stars and watch fireflies. On this occasion she decided they would look nice in the house. They did not survive the jar for long...

 photo MasonRound2-9.jpg
Jonny worked hard and instead of putting every penny he earnt into the house, he bought Louisa a new ballet bar. To say she was delighted was an understatement!

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The girls had easily made friends with other kids their age in the neighbourhood and could often be found hanging out with their new friends. Gary didn't seem interested. Jonny didn't know what to do. Maybe things would change when Gary was a teenager?

 photo MasonRound2-11.jpg
With lack of money, it was up to Jonny to fix anything that went wrong. He knew it wasn't a good idea to hit the taps with a wrench but strangely it seemed to stop the water from spouting out...

 photo MasonRound2-13.jpg
Gary celebrated his 13th birthday. He decided that since he was the heir of the family, he might as well start looking for a partner now.

Notes: Of all the things to take, the burglar took the ballet bar. I thought if the police arrived in time then the family would get whatever was stolen back but nope, they got something like $200. Rubbish because I think the ballet bar is $500. Gary seems to be a bit of a loner at the moment. I think now he's a teen, he seems to have a thing for Georgina Saenz. Too bad she's too young for him at the moment. Gary rolled romance. Brilliant... just the aspiration I want for an heir...


  1. Ack, burglar! Although, I was amused by this: 'Doing the fatherly thing and protecting his children he hid in the bathroom until the police arrived...' LOL!

    Oooh no! Romance! Haha. I miss my Romance sims. They drove me bananas when I played them, but they sure did spice things off. It's never boring with a Romance sim around. ;)

    1. Jonny was a massive wimp. I managed to force him to call the police and then he ran off and hid in the bathroom... So much for him being the man of the house!

      Gah, I hate the romance aspiration. I suppose as you said, they do spice things up a bit!