Sunday, 29 September 2013

Summer 2000- Saenz

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Elsa is 42, Georgina is 15.

Narrated by Elsa.

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Georgina is still seeing Gary Mason. I'm not sure if I like it. He's at university with Declan so he's far too old for Georgina in my opinion. They've been together for a while but I expected them to break it off when Gary left for university.

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I also had no idea they were doing anything other than cuddling. Georgina told me over dinner one night the thing a mother never wants to hear from her 15-year-old daughter. She's pregnant. And i'm furious.

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We talked things through and Georgina decided she wanted to keep the baby. It's her baby and her decision so I said I would support her. Gary hasn't visited since he found out about the baby but he has atleast been sending money to Georgina for their child. Georgina has been putting it in her bank account and she's going to open an account for the baby when he/she arrives and transfer it all over.

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I guess my mind was elsewhere when I was cooking dinner since it ended in the fire brigade being called out...

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These things always happen in threes. The car was stolen.

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I've been trying to occupy myself with sports. Maybe it'll help boost my fitness for whenever Gary shows his face. I hope he can run fast...

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Pregnancy is taking its toll on Georgina. She's really tired, she'll come home from school, go to bed, get up, do homework and then back to bed.

Notes: Right, so, Georgina's fun and social needs needed a boost and I decided it would be a good idea to get Gary round. Should be interesting to see how her and Gary handle being parents at such a young age though.


  1. I've been catching up slowly, but not commenting, because I've doing it at work. (shhhh ;)) Commenting on my phone is a pain. I fail at phone typing.

    Holy CRAP, Georgina! A one-time fun/social boost that's going to turn into a major fun/social black hole. I really do wonder how they're going to handle this mess...

    1. Anything to get out of doing work is a good thing I say!

      Yes, Georgina. I highly regret making her and Gary get frisky on the sofa since they now have a little more than my intended fun/social boost. She so should have just chatted on the phone to him then watched some tv or something. I did think about her taking the morning after pill but decided it'll be interesting to see how they both cope with the situation.

      I've just finished playing the uni update so will have that posted tomorrow and there's another shock coming in that update too ;)