Saturday, 21 September 2013

A New Calender System!

I've spent the last 2 days figuring out a new aging and calender system to make the whole hood more realistic. I think i've finally cracked it. It's heavily based on Sullivan's calender and aging system, tweaked to suit my game. The reason this took me 2 days to figure out is because I suck with numbers. Big time.

Each round will represent 2 years. So at the end of each round I will age all sims by 2 years.

I won't be playing each family for a set number of days now, i'm sticking to seasons. Each family will be given a season in the calender. Round 6 currently looks like this:

Summer 2000- Mason, Saenz
Autumn 2000- Uni
Winter 2000- Henshaw
Spring 2000- Brockman
Summer 2001- Walker
Autumn 2001- Uni
Winter 2001- Mason 2
Spring 2001- Brockman 2

Pregnancies will last 3 seasons to represent 9 months. If a sim gets pregnant in summer 2000, they'll be in the second trimester autumn 2000, third trimester winter 2000 and will give birth spring 2000.

I think that's about it. I've already played the Mason house, with aging turned off and I just took a day off each of the dogs at 6pm since pets age faster than their owners (I may change this too if it doesn't work out. I was looking at Fudge and Luna and thinking how weird it was for them to stay tiny puppies for 2 years so decided to age pets as normal.) and it seems to have worked out okay so i'll get that update posted tomorrow!

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