Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Round 5- Brockman 2

 photo Brockman2.jpg

Narrated by Ramona Brockman.

 photo Brockman2-2.jpg
The big news for me is my new little roommate! Mum was struggling to deal with a house full of cats so I agreed to take Saoirse. She's an adorable little kitten, I would have hated for her to go to some random person who probably wouldn't have even looked after her.

 photo Brockman2-3.jpg
I don't know what all the fuss is about when it comes to taking care of another living thing. I could totally go one step further and have a baby, it's easy!

 photo Brockman2-4.jpg
Saoirse grew fast and she has the most unique markings ever! She's a great mix of Simba and Nahla. Saoirse and working as a substitute teacher kind of makes me want to be a mum one day. I think for now i'll stick to being a cat lady!

Outtake:  photo Brockman2-outtake.jpg
There's some weird floaty-butterfly catching going on in Allie's back yard...

Notes: The.most.boring.round.ever. Hence why this update is centered around the cat. Ramona will so totally get out and socialize more next round whether she likes it or not! Caught up with blog posts, i'm now about to play the uni round and then its on to round 6!

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