Monday, 9 December 2013

Winter 2001- Mason 2

 photo Winter2001.jpg

Allie Mason is 26.

 photo Winter2001-2.jpg
As much as I love having my own space, it does get lonely sometimes. Ramona is right next door but we usually work different hours. It is nice to be able to invite friends round without having to ask dad's permission though!

 photo Winter2001-3.jpg
I was a little down after I lost my job. I did find another temporary job just so i'd have money to pay the bills but it certainly wasn't what I wanted to spend my life doing.

 photo Winter2001-4.jpg
Lucky for me, I managed to get my old job back!

 photo Winter2001-5.jpg
Ramona and I found 10 minutes to go and check out the new restaurant that's just opened in the city. Service is slow...

 photo Winter2001-6.jpg
The food is great when it finally arrives!

 photo Winter2001-7.jpg

 photo Winter2001-8.jpg
I'm still learning all this magic and witchcraft stuff. I don't want to do anything bad with it. I just think its something that nobody else is doing so it makes it twice as interesting.

 photo Winter2001-12.jpg
I completely forgot that the rent was due so ended up having to quickly sell off some of my stuff.

 photo Winter2001-11.jpg
Unfortunately, there wasn't much to do after that other than read...

Notes: Allie forgot about her rent because I forgot until the notification popped up. She'd just bought a load of luxuries, including a guitar so she didn't have the money...


  1. Ouch! Gotta pay your rent or they'll take your shiny things. ;) I forgot about the good witches in TS2 getting sparkly skin, so it took me a minute to figure out why she had glitter on her face, lol!

    Can I just say that I really miss apartments from TS2? Sigh.

    I've been remiss in commenting (I'm bad and doing this at work, lol!) Trying to get caught up AND commenting now.

    1. Yeah... a bit of cursing coming from me when the notification popped up about the rent. I must pay more attention in future!