Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Autumn 2002- Mason

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Jonny is 44 and Louisa is 17.

Narrated by Louisa.

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I'm working hard to get into university. Allie and Gary both told me how great is was. I don't need a degree for the career I want but I don't want to miss out on college life.

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It's just me, dad and the dogs at home now so i'm trying to help him out as much as I can. One person can't run the house single handedly, especially with four big dogs around!

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I'm finding this last year of school reasonably easy. I'm keeping up with homework and maintaining my A grade. Dad says he's proud of me and hopes I can keep it up throughout uni.

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Speaking of dad, he's been best friends with Daisy for a few years. I knew he liked her as more than just a friend but it seemed weird for me to encourage him to make the first move. Maybe he was just worried that Allie, Gary and I would think he was trying to replace mum. Now that we're older, I think he's realized that he can concentrate on making himself happy now instead of worrying about us so he took Daisy on a date.

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From what I hear, the date went really well!

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Now that i'm 17, I thought I had avoided the teenage acne. Apparantly not!

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I'm still forcing time for my dancing. I even earnt a scholarship for it!

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With only dad and I, we were struggling to look after four dogs so we had to put Fudge and Luna up for adoption. Dad had always said that we couldn't keep them when they were puppies but I guess we all just got so attached to them that we couldn't give them up. Now though, we had no choice, they were going to end up neglected and it just wasn't fair to keep them. They'll be much happier with a new family whom have a lot more time for them. Sooty and Jess are older now, they're not as boisterous as they used to be.

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Hopefully, the pressure will be taken off us. Dad plucked up the courage to ask Daisy to move in with us. At first I was surprised that he asked her. It seemed so soon but I suppose they've known each other for years and I like Daisy.

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We'll have another two new occupants to the house next year. After Gary graduates university and moves back home, Georgina and Merida will be moving in with us. Well, I say us. I should hopefully be at uni! I'll miss spending time with my family but I need to move on and live my own life. There's always phone calls and the occasional visit.

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Daisy has fitted into our family perfectly. She quite often cooks dinner for us all before she heads out to work.

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I don't know if its a name thing or what but she does seem to have a weird obsession with flowers...

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I guess she has her hobby and I have mine. If i'm not dancing, i'm playing some sort of instrument. Daisy had some money saved up and she bought us some new instruments for the house!

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Her and dad work different hours. He's at work during the day and Daisy works evenings. They still manage to make time for each other, usually late at night when Daisy comes in from work. I'm glad to say i'm sound asleep by then!

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I don't get to see Sean very much. We're both busy getting through the final year of school. He comes round every so often when we both have some well earned spare time at weekends!

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We had been talking about taking our relationship a step further for a while and agreed that we were both ready. I've seen Georgina struggling to look after Merida and complete school work on time and I know that I don't want to go through the same thing! Maybe in the future, but not right now. It felt too weird to ask dad for advice to I spoke to Allie instead and she made sure I knew what precautions to take.

Notes: Louisa does really well in school. I was hoping her grade would go up to an A+ (I have a harder grades hack installed) but an A is still good! Yes, she is most definitely on birth control! As lovely as Merida is, I don't want another teen mum and Louisa just isn't the type to be as careless.

Daisy rolled up wants to get engaged to and marry Jonny whilst on their date. When I had Jonny ask her to move in though, they rolled away and haven't been seen since. She rolls wants to play all the instruments and get a bronze badge in flower arranging instead. I find that really weird for a family sim. I was hoping she'd roll the want to have a baby, I think it would be interesting to see how hers and Jonny's genetics mixed but no such luck so far. I may send them on another date and see if they roll back then!


  1. Aww! I'm so glad Jonny and Daisy are together. It's nice to see that the kids accept her. I'm sure she'll be a great addition to the household.

    Oh boy. I hope nothing bad comes from Louisa's little tryst on the couch! Precautions are great and all, but accidents still happen.

    1. Daisy is lovely, albeit a weird family sim!

      Don't worry. I checked Louisa. A lot. She's definitely NOT pregnant!