Saturday, 14 December 2013

Summer 2002- Brockman

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Donna Brockman is 44 and Sean Brockman is 17.

Narrated by Sean.

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There's new regulations coming in that makes it more difficult to get into university. All students wishing to enroll will have to sit an exam and will earn points based on their performance during school and the results of the exam. I'll already be in uni by the time they come into action but I thought there wasn't anything wrong with getting a head start anyway. Ramona did well during university and mum is expecting me to do just as well, if not better.

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Most of my time is spent either at school, with my head in a book or at the telescope outside.

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I'm trying to make time for my girlfriend, Louisa but its been difficult recently. This is our final year in school and since we're both planning to go to college in 2003, we're concentrating on school. Usually we just manage to squeeze in a quick phone call before bed. Atleast we can see each other at school, even if its not the ideal place to spend quality time together.

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Mum is trying to work her way up the career ladder. She's never really been bothered about work, aslong as it paid the bills, she was happy. I think she hoped that Ramona would come back home after uni instead of getting her own place but now its clear that Ramona is happy where she is and with me preparing to head off to university, she needs something to keep herself occupied. I don't think i'm that bothered about getting any particular job, I just know that uni will open up a lot more options for me.

Notes: My updates are rarely long but this one is shorter than usual. Mainly because i've been reading Sullivan Sims updates and have pinched a few ideas from there, one being about admissions to university. I plan to update all gameplay posts (sim profiles included) tomorrow but long story short, sims need to earn a certain number of points, earnt through skills, hobby enthusiasm, grades ect, to get into uni. Sean was short by 10 points so I had him skilling like mad to try and get to the minimum requirement. He did it, infact he got a couple extra. Since playing though i've decided its too much pressure for my poor sims and leads to a pretty dull round (i'm trying to make blog posts a lot more interesting!) so I won't be forcing it on the sims due to go to uni in Autumn 2003.


  1. I've never been one for overly complicated systems! I try them and then I just lose interest. I'm not much of a spreadsheet person, unfortunately. x_x The most complicated stuff I have going on is crime, haha. Now THAT needs a spreadsheet. But I love reading about that stuff. Living vicariously and all of that. ;)

    I'm glad Sean made it despite the restrictions! Hopefully they will have more time together in Uni. :D

    1. At the moment, my systems are 'in testing'. They're not completely identical to Sullivan Sims, I tweaked some to suit me. I'm not a spreadsheets person, I like my databases!

      I'm glad Sean made it too! I think its just too short notice to do it with the others due to head off to uni shortly though so I think i'll test it out properly when the Henshaw triplets are due to head off. I haven't fully decided whether to enforce the fees this time or not, i'll see how each of the families are coping financially. 2004 marks tax year so they need to save for that ;)