Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Autumn 2002- Uni Part 2

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Declan Saenz and Joanne Walker are both 20.

Narrated by Joanne.

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The university rewards small grants to students who maintain good grades. It's never much but Declan and I have saved ours for the past couple of years and have been able to buy a computer for our house. We're saving the rest for when we graduate. Neither of us knows where we are going to live yet. I like the idea of going back to the farm. My dad needs help and I loved farm life, I think that is where my life is. Declan has suggested we move in with his mum though. Georgina is probably going to be moving in with Gary's family so Elsa would be all alone. Then again, if Tina goes to university then my dad will be alone too and he needs help with the farm. I guess we still have time to decide.

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I've thought maybe Declan and I could even get our own place. It was a brief thought, but one that I do like the idea of. Declan is very easy to live with.

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And who wouldn't love someone bringing them breakfast in bed every morning?

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College life agrees with Declan. His studies are usually completed long before anyone elses. It does leave him a little bored before his final exams but he seems to find something new to learn whilst he waits.

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Such as fixing the bath!

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I'm not as lucky. I usually keep up with my studies but I find myself losing track of time if i'm hiking or hunting for bugs. I don't do as well as Declan but I manage to keep a decent grade.

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Declan and I try to spend a little bit of time together too. It's not always easy as we're studying different degrees and have different classes but we manage to make time for each other. When we first got together I was worried about how my sister would react. Declan broke up with her to be with me. She was really angry for a while but she seems to have calmed down now. I think she's decided that having a boyfriend isn't all that important at her age.

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I admit, part of me agrees with her. Its hard to fit a relationship around studying and just making some time for myself. I don't think i'm as strong as Tina though. If Declan left me, i'm not sure what I would do. Thinking about it makes me feel so guilty about what I did to Tina. Our bond isn't as strong as it once used to be but I hope that one day it'll be back to how it was when we were growing up.

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I would like to say i'll have more time with my sister when i'm finished uni but by that time, she could be here studying so we still won't get to see each other much. At the moment, she's busy finishing her final years in school whilst I cram in last minute assignments before rushing off to final exams!

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I didn't do as well as i'd hoped this year and phoned my dad to let him know my GPA had slipped a little. He told me not to worry. As long as I tried my best and was happy, he was happy. I guess if I worked on the farm then I wouldn't need qualifications but I quite like the idea of a career in medicine or architecture as well as helping on the farm so I need degrees for both of them.

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As for Declan, he still just breezes through his studies. Learning seems to come naturally for him.

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I told him my worries about failing. Like my dad, he told me not to worry. I don't need to be top of the class and completing work quickly. I just have to do well enough to pass my degree and that's all that really matters. There are students who do a lot worse than me. Senior year will be the real test but i'm sure if I get my head down and do my best, i'll pass without any problems.

Notes: Declan really does just breeze through uni! He gets an A+ every time and a 4.0 GPA without even really trying. Joanne has to put in a little more effort but she isn't a bad student. Declan seems to roll up a lot of wants to do assignments, write term papers, skill build etc but Joanne rolls them less frequently and I don't want to force her to do anything she doesn't have the want to. I think even if she did roll those wants as often as Declan, she would still have to put in more effort than he does to achieve the A+ and 4.0 GPA.

As pointed out in this update, i'm not sure where to put these two when they graduate. I hate empty nests and insist on having an 'heir' for each family to take over the family house and provide the next generation. Well, Declan is the Saenz heir. Joanne was supposed to be the Walker heir, particularly since Tina is more sporty and less nature oriented so is less interested in the farm and the triplets are technically Henshaw's with a few Walker genes thrown in so i'm not sure. I might have Declan and Joanne move in with each of their families but continue their relationship until one of them rolls the want to move out/get engaged/married to the other and then i'll take it from there.


  1. Oh man! That really is an issue--two heirs hooking up. x_x I'm trying to think back and remember if I ever had that occur. I'm glad that Joanne will at least get some time to run the farm. Hopefully Declan wants to move in with her. ;)

    1. I still haven't really figured out my heir situation! I have a couple of ideas but they're not ideal so hopefully my sims can sort it out themselves!