Friday, 6 December 2013

Autumn 2001- Uni

 photo UniAutumn2001.jpg

Gary Mason is 19.

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I thought since i'm not a freshman anymore, i'd better start studying.

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I always get distracted though. I'm loving college life, I just don't think I was made for studying. Last year I had Declan and Joanne to keep me motivated. They've moved to student housing instead of staying at the dorms.

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I'm trying to butter my tutor up to hopefully pull a few strings so I can get through uni without failing.

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See what I mean about being distracted easily...

 photo UniAutumn2001-8.jpg

Declan Saenz and Joanne Walker are both 19.

Narrated by Joanne.

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Now that we're in student housing, we have to go to the library to study and write term papers. The campus provides the basics in the houses, sadly, computers don't come under that category.

 photo UniAutumn2001-11.jpg
I'm missing the greenhouse back home so i'm trying to find other nature activities to replace gardening.

 photo UniAutumn2001-12.jpg
It doesn't always go according to plan though...

 photo UniAutumn2001-13.jpg
We're struggling for money so whilst Declan got a job serving coffee in the campus lounge, I tried my hand at DJing. I don't think a job in the music industry is my calling...

 photo UniAutumn2001-14.jpg
I was really surprised to see Gary in the library recently. He was never bothered with studying last year and it took Declan and I constantly reminding him that he'll be kicked out of uni if he doesn't get his finger out. He just scraped through freshman year. Maybe he's serious about graduating with good grades now.

Notes: Behind on blog posts again, i'm ready to play their junior year now (so autumn 2002!). I have the winter and spring 2001 updates to post and a birthday update for Merida Saenz which i'm hoping to have posted tomorrow and Sunday.

Looking back on this update, I probably should have mentioned Georgina and Merida. It seems strange that Gary is too busy faffing about in college to even think about is daughter. Will definitely have to change that!


  1. Haha, I won't lie! I was like, "that jerk. What about his little daughter?!" It happens to me, too. I'll think I've got everything covered and then I go back over it and I'm like, "aw, crap. I forgot this."

    Joanne is so freaking adorable. Those freckles!

    1. Yeah, I don't think Gary forgot, more the idiot controlling him forgot! A couple of sweet Gary/Merida moments coming up in the next update!

      The freckles are driving me mad! They seem to show up great on the Walker's (Autumn and Dion have them too) but not so great on other sims. The Saenz family have all over face freckles but I don't think they're as obvious as they could be. Merida is supposed to have freckles on her nose and cheeks like the Walkers and i'm sure they have the same skin tone but I don't think they show as well on Merida either. Hmmm. Maybe its just my rubbish graphics card!