Monday, 9 December 2013

Spring 2001- Birthdays

 photo MeridaTurns1.jpg

I didn't want to age Merida up without playing briefly. I wanted to see how Georgina coped. Okay, and to test out some baby stuff I downloaded...

 photo MeridaTurns1-2.jpg

 photo MeridaTurns1-3.jpg

 photo MeridaTurns1-4.jpg

 photo MeridaTurns1-5.jpg
Georgina actually coped pretty well. Had to hire a nanny whilst she was at school and Elsa was at work. The nanny was useless to the point of her ignoring Merida's needs just so she could take a shower.

 photo MeridaTurns1-6.jpg
And then it was birthday cake time!

 photo MeridaTurns1-7.jpg
I love Merida already! She has Gary's hair and eye colour but seems to have Georgina's face (sadly no pointed ears though!). I was hoping she'd have red hair but hey, she's still pretty cute!


  1. Aww, Merida is a cutie! Love her name, too. :D

    Georgina makes a good mum. Hopefully she can keep it up and get things on track for her and little Merida.

    1. Merida... I watch too much Disney! Would have been even better if she'd had red hair like i'd hoped!

      Georgina did surprise me. I only really played through 1 sim day but she barely left Merida apart from to go to school. She's due to go to university next year but i'm not sure how i'm going to work it if she does go because i'm sure she won't want to leave Merida behind and just visit her for the next 4 years!