Friday, 13 December 2013

Spring 2001- Brockman 2

 photo Spring2001.jpg

Ramona Brockman is 25.

 photo Spring2001-2.jpg
It might sound weird but I see myself as a bit of a cat lady. I don't really care about settling down and starting a family at the moment. Maybe one day but at the moment i'm happy with working my way up the career ladder and spending my free time with Saoirse.

 photo Spring2001-3.jpg
Climbing the career ladder would be considerably easier if I didn't come home full of the cold. I guess as a substitute teacher i'm prone to catching stuff from the kids. I thought a hot bath would help but it just seemed to make it worse.

 photo Spring2001-4.jpg
I think the cough sounded worse than it was but I still worried about how I would get through the following day at work. I had already had some time off and couldn't really afford to take anymore time off.

 photo Spring2001-5.jpg
Luckily though I was feeling a little better before I expected!

Notes: I didn't expect Ramona to get sick. Guess it livened up the round a bit! I'm trying to stick to wants and so far she hasn't rolled up the want to go on a date or anything similar so for the time being, she stays single!


  1. Oh, man! I always thought I'd end up some crazy cat lady, too. I was actually kind of excited about it. Silly husband, coming along and ruining my plans. ;)

    Schools are the worst for illness! Second only to hospitals, I'd wager. Hopefully she rolls up some wants for dates or romance soon before she's surrounded by cats, lol!

    1. Same here! I actually wondered if I would ever even move out of my mum's house... But hey, now I have my own place with my beloved and a kid on the way so there's hope for everyone!

      I'm actually considering building and running my own school and having Ramona be the principal. I've been thinking about it for a while, i'm just trying to figure out how it would work in my game.