Saturday, 27 April 2013

Round 4- Mason

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Louisa finally convinced her friend Joanne to sneak out in the early hours of the morning with her. It was a Friday night, it wasn't as if they had to be up early for school the next morning, they weren't doing anything wrong in her opinion.

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Unfortunatly for Louisa and Joanne, the police officer didn't believe they were eighteen and took them home with a warning that next time he wouldn't go so easy on them.

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Georgina Saenz was now a teenager and had fallen for Gary's charm. They liked each other but it was nothing serious.

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Louisa was very close to Georgina's older brother, Declan. After her run in with the law, Louisa decided she was just too young for any of these things and went back to practicing her dancing.

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She just wished that she was just as good of a student as she was a dancer!

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Things progressed quickly between Gary and Georgina. He wanted to be faithful to her, if he could or not was another story...

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As for the dogs, well, they just missed Allie.

Notes: Things between Gary and Georgina hotted up quite quickly! They both have the negative memory for going steady but Gary fears breaking up, Romance sims can be so strange... No Jonny in this update. He was working on his next promotion. Nope, he still hasn't got it. He did make a new friend and I did take a picture but it's vanished. She may appear in the next update! I've caught both Sooty and Jess sitting on Allie's bed, they've never bothered with any of the other beds!


  1. Uh oh! Jonny might want to keep an eye on the two love birds. Teenage hormones are flying around like crazy. ;)

    I'm glad Louisa turned away from the sketchy stuff!

    1. Jonny really does need to keep an eye on the love birds!

      Allie and Louisa have both been really sensible. Louisa had a slight hiccup but I think it brought her back down to earth and she got her priorities straightened out!