Monday, 22 April 2013

Round 3- Brockman

 photo BrockmanRound2.jpg

 photo BrockmanRound3-2.jpg
Sean had been asking Donna for a pet for a while and with his thirteenth birthday rapidly approaching, Donna decided a trip to the pet shop was in order.

 photo BrockmanRound3-3.jpg
There were plenty of pets to choose from. Sean was particularly fond of the womrats.

 photo BrockmanRound3-4.jpg
Donna and Sean both agreed that a cat was best suited to their family. Sean had a hard time picking out his new pet and in the end they came away with two cats- Simba and Nahla.

 photo BrockmanRound3-5.jpg
Nahla settled in quickly. Simba on the other hand, got into a fight with a stray on his first night with his new family...

 photo BrockmanRound3-6.jpg
Sean turned thirteen and decided that all work and no play would make him very dull. He couldn't understand why Ramona was working so hard at university when there was a heap of more exciting activities she could be doing. Although he wanted to go to university, Sean was going to make sure he wouldn't be spending his entire college years with his head in a book!

Notes: It's taken me forever to post this update! Been very busy over the past few weeks so haven't had as much time to play as I would have liked. With things in everyday life now a little less hectic, i'll hopefully have the Walker update posted tomorrow. I'm also almost halfway through the uni round so will have that update up soon and then it's on to round 4! As for this update, nothing happened whatsoever! Cats names, guess the movie ;)


  1. Lion King! I love throwing references in with pet names. :D

    I'm guessing Sean rolled Slacker? xD

    1. Lion King rocks! Many more random references coming soon!

      Sean rolled Pleasure. I was hoping for Knowledge, he just looked like a smarty-pants when he was a kid but ah well. He'll most likely still go to uni (he's already rolled up the want), but unlike his sister, I think he'll be socializing and leaving the dorms a lot more!