Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Round 3- Walker

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Max really wasn't sure what to do anymore. They were up to their eyes in debt and he questioned if he would live to see the day the farmhouse was complete. He never made enough at the store to really help matters.

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Joanne and Tina did their best but they still had to attend school. Then they would be off to university and Max would be left to deal with things on his own again.

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Things only got worse when winter hit and brought the bad weather with it. Max walked into the store one morning to find half the counter top and floor covered in snow. The roof was another thing that was added to the list of things to be repaired!

 photo WalkerRound3-5.jpg
Max decided his only option was to sell the store, use what money he got to pay off some of the debt and get a full time job. Maybe Joanne could run a store from home part time whilst he worked?

 photo WalkerRound3-7.jpg
Tina celebrated her thirteenth birthday and lost all interest in helping with the farm. Max was stunned that Joanne was so down to earth but Tina was wild. They were like chalk and cheese. He was glad that Joanne was very mature for her age and was able to handle the farm as Max had his hands full trying to keep Tina under control...

Notes: The farm really is an abomination. I used Round Barn General Store for Max's store and then it snowed indoors so there's obviously something wrong with the round roof. I had Max sell it and pay off some of the loan and despite my lack of building skills, i'll be building him his own little store. I did do a quick test with a home business but then the randomers were fishing in Max's pond and it bugged my happiness so community lot business it is! I'm not sure if Max will be getting a full time job or not, I suppose i'll see after i've built his store. If he does get a job then it'll be up to Joanne and Tina to run the store between them. Should be interesting, especially since Tina rolled Romance and doesn't care much about the farm!


  1. I've found that home businesses are more trouble than they're worth. It's a lot nicer to take advantage of the 'time freeze' with community lot businesses! You can grind out stars/cash easier.

    Shame things didn't work out, but I have faith that they eventually will. ;)

    1. I'm sure they will work out. They just need a better community lot! I might see how they all cope before sending Max out to full time work.