Sunday, 3 November 2013

Spring 2000- Brockman

 photo BrockmanSpring2000.jpg

Donna is 42 and Sean is 15.

Narrated by Donna.

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Despite Ramona taking Saoirse as a kitten, I still feel as if every spare moment of my time is taken up looking after the cats.

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I suppose I should be glad. Sean is heading off to university in a few years so i'll be here alone. Time really does fly when you're a parent.

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Sean isn't doing too bad in school. I think if he spent less time playing video games and more time studying, he'd get that A in no time.

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He seems to spend a lot of time with Louisa Mason too. I'm sure he told me that she was planning to go to college too. I hope she doesn't distract him from his studies...

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I got a new job as an events planner. I've never really been bothered as to what I did as a career, as long as it paid the bills but I have to admit, I think I love this job more than my old one and i'm looking forward to working my way to the top.

Notes: I played this update about 2 weeks ago. Since finding out I was pregnant a month ago I find myself going to work, coming home and going straight to bed so sadly I haven't had much energy for sims! I have read that you're less tired during the second trimester and I have my 12 week scan on 12th December so roll on next month!

Not much to say about the Brockman's. They're the calm after storm (a.k.a. the Henshaw's....). I think Sean has 1 more, maybe 2, updates before uni.

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