Sunday, 20 October 2013

Spring 2000- Birth Announcement

 photo Spring2000-1.jpg
Introducing Merida Saenz, daughter of Gary Mason and Georgina Saenz!

Notes: Um, yeah, that's basically all I have to say here. I think some bloggers play the family for a short while if there's a baby due, I decided I won't do that and i'll just use insim to skip ahead trimesters/labour when required. Birthday updates will always be in summer unless a baby is turning 1 (which will then be exactly a year after the baby is born- in Merida's case there will be a birthday update for her in spring 2001). There will only be a birthday update if a sim is aging up to the next life stage. I think birthday updates will be short, sweet and straight to the point too unless I feel I have more to say.

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