Monday, 25 November 2013

Summer 2001- Walker

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Max is 43 and Tina is 16.

Narrated by Tina.

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After Declan broke up with me I decided the best thing to do was just keep myself busy. My grandad died and dad inherited some money and payed off the loan that he first took out when we moved here but we're still struggling for money. Dad told me about a medical trial that he took part in several years ago but it seems to have come back to bite us. I haven't had a chance to meet my half-siblings yet. I guess it's a bit harsh to wish they had never been born, they never wished for it and dad just thought he was doing a helpful thing for someone but things sure would be easier financially if dad didn't have to fork out child support to them. Maybe my feelings will change when I finally get to meet them.

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We switched to a new crating system at the store and it's a success! We're earning a lot more money now than we ever have been.

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I still help out whenever I can. With Joanne now at university, dad was struggling to run the store by himself and we couldn't afford to hire anybody outside of the family. Even when we can afford it, dad says he's not sure if he wants to. He says he likes the idea of it being a purely family run business.

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Whenever i'm not at the store or school, I try to keep busy by catching up with friends. Strictly no boys though. I think after Declan, i'm happy just chatting to Louisa.

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We got lucky when Joanne went to college. There weren't any fees or requirements for her to get in. Unfortunatly now though, there's a strict system, several requirements to meet and also a fee to pay (unless you're super smart and gain several scholarships!). I want to go but I know that at the moment, dad can't afford it. He even got a second job working in a convenience store but we're still struggling to make ends meet. I might try my luck to gain as many scholarships as I can in the next two years so hopefully dad won't have to worry about paying.

Notes: I've decided not to continue with my megahood and concentrate purely on Autumn Shore. With a baby on the way, I honestly have no idea where I thought the time to play 4 different neighbourhoods and regularly update blogs would come from. I suppose the Pleasant family where the deciding factor in that- constant bickering and fighting even when on vacation, damn them! I'm starting to feel less sick and tired so i'm trying to get back into the habit of playing atleast for a little while each day.

The Walker family really are the poorest in Autumn Shore. It doesn't help that I have the child support hack installed so it takes money from them each day (or adds it to the bills if they don't have enough!). I could see they were going to be in debt for all eternity so I cheated a little with that- that would be when Max's 'dad' (non-existent in the game but we can pretend) died and Max got some money. Hopefully with Max's second job things will get better for them, especially with Tina wanting to go to university and taxes due in Summer 2002!

I have the uni update to hopefully post tomorrow. And with that, i'm off to play the Winter 2001 update!

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