Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome To Autumn Shore!

Autumn Shore started as a gameplay blog heavily based on Mao's Boreal Springs. Recently i've been working on changing a lot of things from the way I write posts (i've never been much of a story teller!) to the aging system, some changes i'll cover in this post, others i'll write a separate post to explain in more detail.

Each sim is want-driven. I was always so controlling of my sims and i'm now trying to break the habit. They'll only be doing things they have the want to do for example, if they have the want to get married, i'll let them, if they don't then I won't force the issue. The only exception to this rule would be when it came to heirs. I think most sims want to have a kid but if my planned 'heir' doesn't then I might try to swap the heirs around with siblings or might just force the issue, i'll decide when/if I come to that hurdle!

Speaking of heirs, I plan to have the eldest son of each family be the heir of the family. They'll carry on the name and inherit the founding lot. If there is no son then the eldest daughter will become the heir.

You'll notice that rounds 1-4 are written differently. Shortly before starting round 5, I decided to change the way I write each post. Now, there will be a sim from each family narrating the post. I think it makes the update a little more interesting and is easier for me to write!

New Readers

New readers are welcome to jump right in if they wish.

I have the current update/round listed here.

If you want to read from the beginning, you should start here and just use the newer posts/older posts at the bottom of the page to go forward/backward.

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