Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I've decided that some careers will need a university degree while others will not. The following careers do NOT need a degree and are open to all sims:

Auto-Mechanics, Construction, Convenience Store, Events Planner, Fashion Designer, Figure Skater, Firefighter, Writer, Athletic, Criminal, Culinary, Military, Slacker, Adventurer, Gamer, Model and Music.

Sims need a degree for the rest of the careers:

Counseling Psychology: Psychology
Graphic Design: Art
Interior Design: Art
Photography: Art
Social Worker: Psychology, Philosophy or Economics
Veterinarian: Biology
Business: Economics
Law Enforcement: Economics, Psychology or Philosophy
Medicine: Biology
Politics: Political Science
Science: Physics
Artist: Art
Natural Science: Mathematics, Physics or Biology
Paranormal: Philosophy
Show Business: Drama
Education: Philosophy or Economics
Journalism: History or Economics
Law: Psychology, Philosophy, Economics, Literature, History or Political Science
Architecture: Mathematics
Dance: Drama
Entertainment: Drama
Intelligence: Philosophy, Psychology or Economics
Oceanography: Biology or Physics

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