Thursday, 6 June 2013

Round 4- Walker

 photo WalkerRound4.jpg

 photo WalkerRound4-2.jpg

 photo WalkerRound4-3.jpg

 photo WalkerRound4-5.jpg
Max sold up the old business lot and paid off the loan. Although it meant taking out another loan, he purchased a better lot to run the business from. With Joanne and Tina's help, things were slowly starting to come together.

 photo WalkerRound4-4.jpg
The arrival of spring helped a lot too!

Notes: With the leaky roof on the last lot I decided to make a completely new shopping district- Kerry Creek, with the Walker Farm Market being the first lot built there! I'm hoping as the hood grows, other families will start up businesses since I have a lot of business ideas! The Walker Farm Market is now at rank 3, it's a great start!


  1. I really miss the ability to start and run businesses. I definitely took that ability for granted.

    I really hope this second go turns out well for them!

    1. I'm quite far behind on blog posts but it's going a lot better this time round! Fingers crossed for them :)