Monday, 27 May 2013

Round 4- Brockman

 photo BrockmanRound4.jpg

 photo BrockmanRound4-2.jpg

 photo BrockmanRound4-4.jpg
With Ramona and Sean basically adults, Donna found herself spending a lot of time with the cats. She loved her children but she was glad they weren't tiny babies constantly needing attention anymore.

 photo BrockmanRound4-5.jpg
The Brockman's turned out to be the second family to be burgled in Autumn Shore. Luckily the police arrived in time and nothing was lost.

 photo BrockmanRound4-3.jpg
Sean was living his own life. He had gotten together with Lousia Mason...

 photo BrockmanRound4-6.jpg
...That didn't stop him trying his luck with Georgina Saenz though.

Notes: It's taken me ages to get this update posted and then it turned out to be the tiniest update ever. Even with Sean jumping between Louisa and Georgina, this family is so peaceful to play after the bombsite known as 'The Henshaw House'. Turns out Louisa kept turning Declan down because she wanted to be with Sean so he'd better watch his step or I think Declan might try to knock some sense into him.


  1. Looks like Sean is going to be a bit of a player. ;)

    1. It sure does! Sean might want to steer clear of Gary and Declan!