Friday, 22 February 2013

Round 1- Mason

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Jonny moved his family out to Autumn Shore after his wife died. It was a new start for the kids- Allie, Gary and Louisa.

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Jonny had to leave for a new job shortly after moving in so while Gary entertained himself, Allie took care of Louisa.

 photo MasonRound1-10.jpg
Allie and Gary were due to start school the following day so Jonny had to hire a nanny to take care of Louisa.

 photo MasonRound1-11.jpg
Jonny made sure to help Allie and Gary with their homework.

 photo MasonRound1-13.jpg
Allie quickly started making friends and brought Ramona Brockman home from school one day.

 photo MasonRound1-17.jpg
Despite their lack of money, Jonny decided to surprise the kids with two dogs, a black labrador- Sooty and an Akita- Jess.

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The family soon learnt not to let Louisa out of their sight...

 photo MasonRound1-20.jpg
It wasn't long before Louisa was old enough to entertain herself.

Notes: I couldn't wait for Louisa to age up, little trouble maker... Pretty boring round. Can't remember who rolled up the want for a puppy- think it might have been Gary so I sent Jonny to get a dog, decided I might try and breed them at some point so made him get two, realised I had two boys so had to fiddle around in simPE... Oh and please excuse the grass floors and unpainted walls in all houses. I'm determined not to cheat with the money so my sims are currently working very very hard.


  1. Oh man! It's been so long since I've had to start with grass floors and bare walls. Ah, the good old days of TS2. :D Many a legacy began on the lawn... LOL

    Toddlers really are troublemakers. They were bothersome in TS2, but in TS3, they just seem to be complete TERRORS if you let them go!

    1. Ah the grass floors and bare walls. It was either stick with them or have a very very small house were I would have to knock down walls to expand over time. Since i'm a terrible builder, they got the grass floors and bare walls but a house that won't need any walls ripped down anytime soon!

      Toddlers are so cute but they drive me nuts!

  2. Your sims are very pretty. These pictures although devoid of furniture etc...are very bright and colorful.

    Just stumbled on your blog clicking links from blogs I follow and I'm excited to dive in.

    1. Thank you for reading! The houses are starting to come together with the Henshaw house about 75% complete!